General Services

Standard Consultation (15 mins) €65

Telephone Consultation (15 mins) €65

Extended Consultation (30mins) €100

Please request this at time of booking to allow extra time be allocated 

Student Rate €50

3rd level only, 18 to 25 years, valid ID must be presented

Follow-up Consultation €50

Review Consultation to discuss abnormal test results €35

Additional Services

Repeat Prescriptions €20

If consultation with GP not required

Driving Licence Assessment 

Group 1 €65

Group 2 €80


First session €65

Subsequent sessions €35

Ear Syringing €70

Comprehensive Health Assessment €200

Includes assessment, bloods, ECG and written report.

Involves initial consultation with the nurse, and a follow up consultation with the doctor to review your results. 

Please enquire at Reception

Women’s Health

Cervical Check Smear €0

Aged 25-60 

Private Smear €155

Includes cytology and HPV testing


Implanon first visit (counselling, to discuss suitability, provide prescription) €65

Implanon insertion €100

Implanon removal €130

Implanon removal and reinsertion same day €160

Mirena Coil

Initial consultation and counselling (includes swabs if necessary) €65

Coil fitting €140

Check at 6 weeks €0

Coil removal €65

There is a purchase cost for Mirena and Implanon of approximately €120 from pharmacies.

Nurse Services

Nurse Consult €35

ECG €35

Bloods €35

Prior consultation with doctor is required

24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor €70

Prior Consultation with doctor is required

Suture Removal €35

Administration of Injection with Nurse €35

Vitamin B12, Prolia, Depo Provera. 

Injection not supplied by practice. 

Loading course of Vitamin B12 €100

6 injections over 2 weeks. 

Injection not supplied by practice.

Administrative Services

Letter for Patient €20

Sick Note/ Letter for School/ Letter for Creche €20

Passport Form Witnessing €20

Pre- Employment Medical €135

Medico Legal Report/ Personal Injury Report: €380

Sexual Health Screening

STI - Full Sexual Health Assessment €100

Includes consultation with GP, blood test, urine test, and swabs, if required 

Student Rate €80

3rd level only, under 25 years, valid ID must be presented

STI - Full Sexual Health Screen with Nurse €80

Includes consultation with nurse, blood test, urine test, and swabs, if required

This is only suitable for patients who do not have any symptoms


Pneumococcal Vaccine €35

Chicken Pox Vaccine €80 per injection

Two injections required

For Children > 12 months

Shingles Vaccine 

Zostavax: €220 (single dose)

Shingrix: €440 (two doses two months apart)

Must be prepaid and ordered in advance

For adults aged > 50 years

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